windsorcreative voluntrainees

Churches and charities need all the help they can get. And so do young, aspiring graphic designers.
This is why WindsorCreative thought it'd be a great idea to provide a training ground for young volunteers who are willing to be trained in a real-world graphic design studio working on projects for churches and charities. These "voluntrainees" are mentored and trained by WindsorCreative staff and get to use industry-standard software and equipment. And recipient churches and charities receive quality design work at absolutely no cost to them. It's just one of the things we love doing to make a difference.

If you are interested to become a WindsorCreative "voluntrainee" or a recipient church/charity of this programme, e-mail

ollie's story

Keen on pursuing a career in graphic design, Ollie is hanging out with WindsorCreative to explore how it's like to work in a design studio. He's tried doing tradie jobs, but he feels drawn to graphic design, so he approached WindsorCreative to see if we can help him get started on that path. With his current situation, he needs all the help he can get, so we took him in.

Starting out with no previous experience with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, he now uses these software to produce promotional materials for Windsor Park Baptist Church and other churches. He still has a long way to go, but we're behind him all the way to guide him on the path to being a full-fledged graphic designer. In the meantime, he's one of our current voluntrainees and apart from being in front of the mac, he's also an all-around volunteer for the Youth & Young Adults ministries at Windsor Park Baptist Church.

O, and Ollie is also looking for any part time work while he's on his journey to being an awesome graphic designer! If you own a business or could hook him up with a job, let us know. He's a good kid and we'll vouch for him.

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tegan's tale

Tegan and her family shifted to NZ in 2017 from South Africa, but due to immigration complications, she wasn't able to enrol in uni that year. She decided to make the most of her "waiting time" by doing volunteer work for environmental organisations before she came across WindsorCreative's Volunteering and Training Programme.

Learning Adobe software from scratch, Tegan was able to help out South City Baptist Church with their logo—which they are now using—and do illustrations for Small Fries Christian Childcare Centre, among others. Tegan is now finally in uni continuing her product design studies armed with the graphic design skills she learnt from WindsorCreative.

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